Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Are you having fun yet? ... If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much 'space' ... &, don't be gloomy or pessimistic ... The universe has it handled ... So, 'Fear-Not', & enjoy the ride! . . .

Listen Up... Thank You A..P.. & your entire team, for your work & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to BitChute (Amazing Polly), for sharing ... An excerpt: I answer viewer comments and go into some more information about Jordan Peterson and his background. Like, Share, Subscribe and comment! Thank you to the best audience on the internet for your loyal and fabulous engagement. God bless! Link below to a video recommendation:

VIDEO: Peterson’s Conservative Manifesto, A Conservative Christian Response from Dialectics Channel:


Be less driven by fear ... Mandates ... Where do you stand? - Thank You, J..C.. & your team, for your work & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to BitChute (The Corbett Report), for sharing ... An excerpt: Leigh Vossen and Sheldon Munroe of Students Against Mandates join us today to discuss their organization, how and why it was formed, and how it is working to lift the mandates and restrictions on students across Canada and to make sure that those mandates are never imposed again.


The New... Generation - Thank You Prince, for your great work/music & art & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to YouTube (Prince), for sharing ... An excerpt: Welcome to the Official Prince YouTube channel - celebrating the life, creative works and enduring legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson. Prince’s fearless creative vision, musical virtuosity, and wildly prolific output graced the world with one of the most universally beloved bodies of work of all time. Prince’s hit songs ‘Purple Rain’, ‘When Doves Cry’, ‘Kiss’, ‘Raspberry Beret’, and ‘Little Red Corvette’ are just a small sample of his revolutionary blend of rock, funk, R&B and new wave pop that shattered barriers and empowered millions. In the 1980s, Prince made history by being one of the first black artists to have their videos in heavy rotation on MTV. The Prince Estate is proud to present these groundbreaking videos alongside all of Prince’s releases to inspire and educate fans and celebrate Prince in his totality. Subscribe to the channel and check back for new additions, including music videos, performance clips, official Prince playlists, announcements, and more!

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