Saturday, February 11, 2023

WE Have Come! ... Our thoughts create manifestations ... So my friends, 'manifest wisely' ... Because, you will see it, when you believe it ... And, So It Is . . .

We are travellers . . .

We have travelled far ... We have heard the cries ... &, 'We Have' come ... Thank You R..F.., for your work/music & 'Love Of Humanity' ... & to YouTube (Ron Fetner Music) ...  An excerpt: We Have Come · Ron Fetner


This Land (beloved Mother Earth) was made for you & me (not just for the 'powers not-to-be') - Thank You to All ... & to YouTube (mtlborn), for sharing ... An excerpt: This was the giant love-in final song of the evening ensemble.

Pete Seeger, Rob Tepper, Work O' Weavers, The Klezmatics, Fred Hellerman, Nora Guthrie, Theresa Tova, sing This Land is Your Land and Goodnight Irene at Kisses Sweeter Than Wine: The Guthrie Legacy Concert in Tarrytown NY, April 2010. The concert was in honour of Jack and Kay's (who met at a 1959 Weavers concert in Montreal) 50th wedding anniversary.

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