Sunday, February 19, 2023

Are You a Psychopath? ... Spotting them in your life, is the first step in eliminating them from your reality - by redirecting your energy, away from their control (systems) ... And, the 'bigger picture'. . .

Some ways ... to spot a Psychopath - Thank You, A & I (myfloridalaw) for sharing ...


Globalists Race... - Thank You K..A.. & S..W.., for your work & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to rumble (Sarah Westall), for sharing ... An excerpt: Kevin Annett rejoins the program to discuss the latest intel out of Canada regarding the Chinese biolabs and experimentation on the local indigenous people. He shares stories from the area and also gives us ideas on how to continue to fight back and to stay strong. You can learn more about Kevin Annett and his work at

See solutions to keep from getting sick and to reverse mRNA damage - Dr. Joe Nieusma:


Some of ... The Usual Suspects ... Thank You M..I.., for your work & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to YouTube (Marcel Irnie), for sharing ... An excerpt: Trudeau Speech Feb .17 2023 Emergencies Act final report by Liberal Paul Rouleau.


The 'Bigger' Picture ... Thank You A..D.. & y(our) entire Guardian Team, for your work & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to YouTube (The Emerald Covenant), for sharing ... USA Wrap-Up (5/12).

An excerpt: A condensed version of Dance for Love, with expansion given

by the GA during the workshop. Featuring the Eternal Amorea Flame Activations 1-7, Shadow Healing, Identifying Power Nodes, the "Withness" self-test. Anahazi translation of the last verse of the Psonn of Kehmalohatea, sung by A'sha-yana


& ... Releasing 'The Chains' of yesterday - Thank You, fellow Voyagers, for your work & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to YouTube (Voyagers), for sharing ... 

An excerpt: Support Aquashii by subscribing here:

Gate 10 - Abadan - Iran (Release The Chains) This Song Gate 11 - Vale Of Pewsey - England (Stars Of The Show) Gate 12 - Monts├ęgur - France (We Are The Doorway) ALHumBhra - (More To Life) Guardian Call (Guardians Of The Gates) - I would also like to share a special thank you to Tannis Seufert at Heart of Fire and Ashes for her beautiful handcrafted art piece 'Angelic Script'. To see Tannis's beautiful work visit: If you would like to find out more information about Gate 10, check out 'Voyagers', 'The Secrets Of Amenti' Volume II of the Emerald Covenant CDT Plate Translation. (I am not affiliated with and I gain no monetary energy if you purchase the book.)

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