Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lifting The Veil of the Matrix - This Incarnation on "Mother Earth"!

I hope you ALL are well! I'm sending out the (raised) frequency of "LOVE" to You, Mother Earth & her Creations. With sincere gratitude, I encourage you to (take several deep breaths) and accept, embrace & focus this feeling of "love" in your "heart center" - and then join it (upward) with your "mind" - & then further connect these centers to your "higher self"; (the area about a foot above your head). Your main focus - once these areas are united in consciousness - should be the "heart center"; where love emanates. By doing this, your frequency will be raised, allowing your "being" to be connected (or be ONE) with the "ALL that IS" - the frequency of our CREATOR.  Mother/Father God, Creator of our Galaxy (the Milky Way), under the direction of "Prime Creator" (Creator of ALL that IS) is summoning us; to put down the "manuscripts" of this incarnation (that we agreed to) - and be connected to the "light" (or love). This will allow you, to find your own "truths". Your "body/soul" has to be resonating at the "love frequency" (or Prime Creator's frequency) in order for us to do this. This is not difficult - and quite natural to us. We have just forgotten how. The "fear" frequency (a lower frequency) has taken hold of humanity, over the past thousands of years. Most of you, have raised your frequencies (to love), however some are reluctant to do so - and thus haven't discovered "their" truths. You see, the veil of our "dense" 3D existence, makes it hard for many, to remove themselves from the "role" they are playing (or acting) during this incarnation. Under previous incarnations, this wouldn't be a problem - since we would remain behind the "veil" until after we died - and then we would go back to "Source"; review the lessons we learned and re-incarnate again & again, until we had learned ALL the lessons; and were ready to "graduate". This time is different! In order for OUR Creator to reset Mother Earth, to be the place originally intended; All of US will reset with Mother Earth - to another dimension - with our bodies! That is why our "frequency" we resonate to, has to be that of "love" (our Creator's) frequency. Since "Prime Creator" created us with "free will" (to make our own decisions); we have to complete this "frequency" change ourselves. .. Affecting some of humankind, reluctant to make the "upgrade", are those ones we'll call the "Dark Hats". Those beings (initially created with LOVE) have fallen from the "light"; and their gene pool has been preserved & passed on, generation to generation. As technology has increased exponentially in recent years - their hold on Mother Earth has required intervention. Some of humanity have been tricked or deceived by the "Dark Hats", through wealth & power (or the promise of); that this incarnation they are living in, is "their reality", "their truth". This is totally false. The "Dark Hats" are being dealt with by "Prime Creator" & his Staff of Helpers. Those of you, under the "Veil of the Dark Matrix", have to find your own truths & trust yourself! Good Luck! 

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