Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sananda - "Love Is ALL That Matters!"

Reality is about finding one's own truths. This could entail researching, who to consult about repairing a vehicle/motorcycle; or buying/renovating a home, etc, etc. In general, the "trust quotient" we (humans) must sort through, follows us through life. Who to trust? Who do we trust? Initially as children, we learn (to) trust from our beloved ones i.e. parents, relatives & nurturers. They protect us - so are valued & trusted without challenge. Early on, they get us involved with their likes & dislikes, belief systems; and host of other dogma of the times. It all revolves around "trust" - and who you trust; and most importantly, how easily you allow your trust to be gained. Little thought goes into it - because, if our teacher(s) & leaders have taught us (or recommended ideas to us)..........THEY must be RIGHT!............And so it goes.........on and on..........throughout our life. Some people never ask the tough questions - usually, for the wrong reasons i.e. "what difference will it make; who would listen, anyway?" For me, the "image portrayed" by the individual that wishes to gain my trust, is less important; than their underlying motivations i.e. money, power, greed, etc.. You know; "Never judge a book, by it's cover!" You see, I am skeptical. Things have to "feel right", for me. I try to view each "evaluation of trust", as how it would appear through the "eyes" of a child. Children, instinctively know who to trust. It comes with the package; just as with animals. Cunning, manipulation & trickery have been used to sway trust - but it is short lived. The truth always wins out! It sometimes can take a while. In these difficult times, I urge you ALL, to find your own "truths" - the ones that are right for you. Don't be swayed by the "trickery & deception"; or the "flavor of the day". Reawaken your Inner-Voice. Let your "inner-voice" lead you, to your truth. You deserve it! Good-Luck!

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