Monday, February 3, 2014

Take A Moment To Connect!

The last several years I have been a "transit operator" - a bus driver. Many nights, on the bus, I encounter many characters (99% good; 1% not-so-good). Most of my past careers, have been challenging enough, and allowed me some independence & creativity; mixed with an equal portion of solitude - which for me, enhances "deep thinking" & job satisfaction. On this job, I have the "personality traits" (or skill sets), that allow me to connect & share with others - without being intrusive. It's kind-of-like having a "direct connection" to the soul. "Eye connection" is required to establish this "liaison of the souls". Also."being present" in the moment, is another prerequisite - that creates this sense of "oneness". I most enjoy thinking - what the riders life is about; you know - their story. What I have found in common with many, is that they have had many "ups & downs" - with some falling to the "dark" side; with regrets. They are struggling for HELP - to get their "human dignity" back & become functioning contributors of society. My senses tell me, many have "remarkable potential" and want to return to the "light" - that which our "Creator" has intended, and is most natural to us. They just need "OUR" help!
In earlier years, I tended to live (like most), within a close circle of "like minded" family & acquaintances - that for the most part, mirrored one another's thinking i.e. shared common mysticism. I found comfort & reassurance in this. You know, the warm feeling you get, when others share & value your thoughts/opinions. Those that disagreed - were quickly discarded & shut-out; as being wrong or "missing the boat". We (us) would choose communities/neighborhoods/schools - that mirrored those particular values. Resultant of this, in many cities, urban sprawl, gated communities, etc evolved - and the "have(s)" verses the "have-nots" way of thinking, became the norm. Those "unattractive" neighborhoods, usually were left to "fend for themselves", as they were no longer a viable alternative for the "financially secure"; who could escape (& in essence, look the other way). A seedy society evolved in those centers. Unless you absolutely had to go there; one would tend to stay away. To me this was (and is) our TRAGEDY. We GAVE UP on HUMANITY! We gave up on OURSELVES! We can do much better! Let's remove "mysticism - and get involved in rebuilding & improving ALL communities & integrating those "souls" back into humanity. They will surprise you! They just need a little help; just like us "fortunate" ones have had. It could have been us - We could be they! And really we are - since we're ALL CONNECTED - thru our "Creator". We can do this! Good Luck!

"The trouble is, that rich people,
well-to-do people, very often,
don't really know who the poor are;
 and that is why we can forgive them.
For knowledge, can only lead to LOVE;
and love to service.
And so, if they are not touched by them,
it's because they do not know them." 
- Mother Teresa -

Me on the bus

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