Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day,.. To All Those 'Motherly Influencers'

A picture of my (yet-to-be-mother) in May, 1945,.. celebrating VE Day with her students, at St George's Public School, London, Ontario, Canada... My Dad survived the war overseas (in France & Belgium), came home, got married to Mom in May, 1946... & I came along in September of 1951.. I was blessed to have such 'amazing parents'... Anyways, I want to wish ALL 'Motherly Influencers' a 'Wonderful Mother's Day'. . . 

Tyranny Can Only Be Demolished,... & PART 2..  It Doesn't Just Fade Away - Thank You, Shechai Yah . .

Spiritual Immune System compliments the Biological Immune System 
To be sovereign over one's self is to be free of the control or coercion of others. To truly have the freedom to direct one's own life requires an accurate assessment of conditions which affords the right to apply informed consent to our individual decision making. We extend that belief to include freedom of self-determination in the direction of one's consciousness which connects with the Soul, Spirit and the higher Avatar intelligence, the spiritual bodies which form into the powerful forces of protection that form the Spiritual Immune System. Self-Sovereignty is inherently a human right given through God Source and the Universal Laws, expressed through the Law of One which describe these laws that direct the complex quantum mechanics governing the movement of consciousness throughout time and space. Ascension is a simultaneous increase of expanded consciousness that occurs when our spiritual-energetic bodies connect into our physical bodies, and thus when these higher consciousness bodies come online, they activate and amplify our Spiritual Immune System. Our Spiritual Immune System requires personal attention, discernment of forces and proper nourishment in order to function well. It is the same as our physical immune system that requires nutrients and to be effective at deflecting and neutralizing negative pathogenic forces.
Thank You, Energetic Synthesis . .

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