Monday, May 4, 2020

I AM The Awareness of The Ego Self I AM

Thank You Rich, for your work & perspective. . . I agree . . Our 'individual consciousness' can't compete with (or change) the 'collective consciousness' (this reality) on 'beloved Mother Earth', until the collective, 'pendulum' of thought (energy) moves to create a 'new' reality (new truths) based on more (higher frequency) information. . . Unfortunately, Humanity has been duped over millennia, by the 'Control Systems' & therefore our 'collective reality' has been derived from 'lies, half-truths, double-speak & deceptions'. . Due to Humanity's awakening (or evolution), access to greater awareness (information) is happening now, to those who have come here to 'right the ship' , so to speak . . . For me,... before we (Humanity) can create a 'new' reality,.. the lies & deceptions have to be exposed via quieting the mind (ego), listening to your intuition (your heart), and discerning & integrating information ...

If this Resonates  ;.. You may be on the 'Guardian Alliance' team - 1 Eye's Blog . .

China Today . . The West Tomorrow - Thank You, David Icke (BitChute) 

America is OVER .... - Thank You, RichieFromBoston

It's time Humanity . . WAKE UP . . .

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