Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Matt Landman, maker of Frankenskies, PFP radio 18th March 2020

The 'Control Systems' that dictate the narrative on 'Beloved Mother Earth' are Deceiving Humanity 'Without Our Consent'.  I encourage Humanity to be your 'Authentic, Sovereign, Multidimensional Self(s)'.. Ask your 'higher self'' (your god-self) for help/direction; ... Do your own research, discern & integrate information & you will find y(our) truth.. Remember to relax & 'fear not' & use  y(our) Intentions Wisely,.. they are Powerful Gifts...

"The Black Hole Fall Experience" - Thank You, A..D.. & KS R
If This Resonates . . . You May Be On The 'Guardian Team'  

Hallelujah - Thank You, Leonard Cohen . . .

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