Friday, May 15, 2020

Bill Gates Ultimate Plan for the World (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Yes, it's quite obvious, the Control Systems - I.E the 'pseudo' governments, health experts, big pharma & mainstream media, etc, etc... have in vain, tried to 'dupe' humanity; with their version of Problem - Reaction - Solution... I.E. - PROBLEM:... Create a 'Pseudo' Engineered Pandemic (ensuing fear/panic/lock-down):...... REACTION:... Ensure the lock-down, destroys the world's economy (peoples lives), creating the need for 'their cure' (mandatory testing/vaccines) - by falsely (deceptively) gaining humanity's consent, to get our (already limited) freedom back..... SOLUTION: (& Bigger Picture).... Gain/retain 'complete' control of this 'convoluted 3D prison planet reality' on 'Beloved Mother Earth', via - 'culling-the-herd' (Georgia Guide Stones prophecy) &... 'nano micro-chipping' the vaccine to access & 5G (AI) mind control, humanity's 'god-given authenticity' & ability to choose I.E. thwart our consciousness 'awakening' & derail our connection to source..... I DO NOT CONSENT . . . . IT IS SO;.. IT IS DONE !

I Do Not Consent - Thank You To All - 1 Eye's Blog . . .

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