Monday, November 15, 2021

The 'Powers-Not-To-Be' ... set the table . . .


Thank You James & James for your work, & 'Love of Humanity' & to (Truth will set You Free !), for sharing . . . Banksters Set the Table... An excerpt: The Corbett channel on Bitchute -


This week on the New World Next Week: The banksters lay the groundwork for their 130 trillion dollar climate swindle; the oligarchs psyop the public into desiring the great food transformation; and the government weeds out the non-bootlickers in the intelligence agencies with their vaccine mandate.

The 'Bigger Picture' . . . The 'devil' is in the details: ... but,  Fear Not ... 'the Angels are winning' . . . Thank You to All - 1 Eye's Blog . . .

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