Thursday, June 16, 2022

A 'Wake-Up call' ... Astral Re-construction ... & Retrieval (freeing) of the 'lost' souls' ... from their Re-'incarnation trap' - with little chance of 'spiritual evolution' . . .

Astral Reconstruction (& freeing, 'the lost souls of Tara') ...  Thank You, Lisa Renee (Energetic Synthesis) for sharing your work & 'Love of Humanity'. . . An excerpt: Recent Guardian projects have extended into the astral plane level of reality of the soul matrix timelines, in which exploration of extensive artificial architecture was located and found to be used to harvest loosh and enslave humanity on the soul planes, through assorted ideological systems being reenforced through organizations. These make up extensive organizational structures like corporations, churches, hospitals, medical institutes, internet technology, pharmaceutical companies and many other systems that are used with the negative purpose to control the human collective consciousness via perceptions of reality from the astral and 3D matter planes. Effectively, what has been revealed is that the same massive megacorporation organizational structures that exist on the 3D physical plane have had an exact mirror organization on the astral plane, being run by power mongering human and nonhuman controllers that desire to totally enslave the surface dwellers to maintain their power base in multiple realities.  

What the powers 'not-to-be' don't want the 'lost souls' & their minions to know . . . is that they have been giving their energy (consent) to a contrived 'prison, mind-controlled reality', over millennia  ... but, 'you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink'... Thank You, K..C.. (Project Camelot) & your entire team (& Jannine) for your work & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to, for sharing . . . An excerpt: talk about the Whitehats, Q history, Juan/JFKjr and COG (Continuity of Gov) and our TRUMP GOV IN EXILE.

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