Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day #4 - Colorado & Utah

Logged about 500 miles today. The day began at Brush, Co and finished at Salina, Utah ... I-70, west of Denver was closed due to an accident ......... those darn trucks!
The scenery was awe inspiring - the snow capped mountains; as were the rock formations and canyons in Utah. Tomorrow, on to Vegas. I better get rested up!


  1. Hello Dave!

    I've been slow to catch up with you! This technology mystifies me...have I made contact?! :)

  2. Contact confirmed,I hope!

    Dave - As I told you, I logged many a mile on a bicycle,in another day,on another continent. Many, many nights in a tent,too,with a master camper! Every day was a new adventure: new sights,new people. Daily, folks marvelled at how we were at home,wherever we went, on a bike. Picture a tandem: tent,sleeping bags,stove,clothes - the works!

    Ride safely, Dave! I'm with you, in spirit!