Monday, May 7, 2012

In a few weeks, I feel very fortunate to begin fulfilling a life-long dream, "wunderlust2012". In life, to make any goal or dream a reality, requires inspiration. Inspiration to "press-on" when things get "tough"; to "fight the good fight"; to "not drag people down or let nay-sayers drag you down".

Jennifer & Brian Petrie exude these qualities as did Cole, when he was amongst us. I would ask that you take a moment and enrich yourself with "Cole's Journey" in the "Acknowledgements" page of my site. I know that I will draw "strength" from Cole's journey while away - but by "no means" is my journey (in any way) comparable to that of the Petrie's. I must also thank Jennifer and Brian for the kind words and support they've given "wunderlust2012". Thank You!
Although, I am speaking more candidly of "childhood cancer", it by no means diminishes my endorsements of pancreatic and prostate cancer awareness. Thank You.

"All boys" love their trucks, including Cole (shown sitting in a fire truck)!

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