Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I-80 & I 76 - flat and uneventful

Today was a wunderful riding day. Much better than days 1 & 2. Those days were 90 degree days, with thunderstorms and high winds.
Today was cooler (75), until late afternoon, then it got very hot. To say it wasn't windy today would be an understatement - especially the west half of Iowa. There is mile after mile of power-generating windmills. I guess they wouldn't put them where there wasn't any wind...... Da!!
Anyways, I did 600 miles today. I started at De Soto, Iowa, then rode thru Nebraska and shutter-down at Brush, Colorado. My noble stead "Bessy, the 3rd" did a great job.
No pictures today. I'll be glad to get off the Interstates, after Vegas, to enjoy better landscapes.

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