Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot In Vegas - 100+ degrees

The ride from Salina, Utah to Las Vegas was only 250 miles - but very hot. Good practice for "Death Valley". It was 115 degrees there today.
I'll be going there early Saturday morning. Tomorrow, it is going to be hotter than today, so I'm going to hunker down at the "Motel 6", wash some clothes, stay cool, get rested and get focused on the more difficult parts of the journey that lie ahead.
Today, I met and rode with another "solo" rider, Craig (a retired California State Prison Guard). He was returning home to California from visiting his daughter in Pittsburg, Pa.. Craig was riding a well kept '96 Honda Goldwing. Over coffee, Craig told me of his personal experiences, riding to Alaska - he said: "remember this sound (bhuummmmm....)." "When you hear that (loud) sound, the mosquitos know you are there - and you are their entree!" Craig rode there with some buddies - and decided to ship his motorcycle back home by boat. Craig, it was a pleasure meeting you. Keep the shiny side up - the dirty side down. Say hello to Craig!


  1. Good Morning, Dave!

    True enough: one is never alone on the road, and I knew that you'd find friends at every stop along the way. Big heart, big bike!

    Stay cool! Water, water, water...


  2. Good Evening, Dave!

    How was the road today?

    On bike of any kind, so much of life has to do with the weather, I know! I hope you're riding under friendly skies!


  3. Hi Dave ..This is Gail and I am with your wife and she is fine....Just drunk at two in the afternoonn..ha ha no that is me!!!! Hope you meet up with my man ...Kiss him for me.... more ha ha ....look after yourself ...Love your blog
    Cheers Gail

  4. Oh, dear!

    Hello, Dave...and Donna, too. All's well, on both fronts, I hope!

    Dave - how might I receive messages from you? Too low-tech here, I fear! You've bigger concerns, on the road, I know...