Monday, September 20, 2021

Election Day in Canada! ... It doesn't matter who you vote for ... The government always gets in - George Harrison

The closer to the top ... The closer to the door . . . (trying ... to control the narrative).

Thank You Amazing Polly & your team, for your work & 'Love fo Humanity' (& to BitChute, for sharing) . . . How Hospitals are ... An excerpt: Through the introduction of the ICU and Critical Care Ward, hospitals have been subverted by cold, calculating technicians who do not care about individual patients. **TO SUPPORT MY WORK PLEASE CLICK HERE: THANK YOU ** read more… Video is in 4 parts;
Part 1: My takedown of “Trusted Voice” of the Pandemic, Michael Warner.
Part 2: What is an Intensivist and how have they ruined Hospitals?
Part 3: The history of Critical Care – some shady characters emerge in the wake of WW2.
Part 4: Who benefits from this? Who forced the hiring of Intensivists in thousands of hospitals? Is this part of a darker agenda of population control and eugenics?

The Death of Ethics ... Thank You to All, 1 Eye's Blog . . .

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