Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Death of Ethics ... I 'DO NOT CONSENT' . . .

Is it Time to Wake-up? That is an individual choice (& one, to be taken seriously), as we 'all' are on our own path of evolution. You will (or may be) nudged to wake-up by your higher self (your God-Self) . . . Listen to yourself (your intuition) & you will find your answer(s) . . .  because, Truth has a frequency that resonates with your heart . . .
Know W.H.O you are giving your energy to (working for). . . I believe, that many of the 'Controllers' (& their minions) have been duped, as well ... But, it's never too late, or the wrong time, to do the right thing.

So, are YOU, one (1) of them ... or,  a part of the 'Soul-lution' . . .  And, we 'cannot' underestimate the fact, that THE TRUTH frequency will prevail ... So, I encourage All, to use y(our) intentions wisely; they are 'powerful gifts'.  The  'Universal Power', is fearless & mightier (running at 'higher (love) frequencies') than those who are & have been in control, of this 'convoluted, holographic, 3D prison reality'- on 'Beloved Mother Earth'. And, the Universe WILL STAND with Humanity against these entities/forces in  defence & support of suspending their 'initiated' actions. Up until now, our 'free-will consent' has been willingly given to these 'controllig entities' due to their 'unethical behavior', through the use of mind-control, lies & deception(s). Once our 'conscious' consent (our intentions/ energy/loosh) has been withdrawn/removed from their 'system(s) of control', their 'contrived' reality will simply fade away from our conscious perception. As the 'truth frequencies' rise, the 'controlling entities' will have no self-sustaining (low frquency, fear-based) energy to feed off  . . . Because noone will be afraid . . .  Unfortunately for them, they have chosen this path forward - of neither love (empathy), nor truth - for selfish gains (or the promise there of).  Because of this, they have left Humanity with little choice but to use our 'universal right' to defend -  or be in 'defence of any initiated act/force' of aggresion against our 'conscious free-will'. This can be something/or anything that we do not give our individual & thus 'collective' conscious consent to. Since Earth is a 'free will' planet & 'defence of initiated force' is a Law of  'free-will'  Universes, the Universe has our back, & will support us, in upholding this law . . . The 'Controllers' are hoping that Earth's 'collective consciounesss' stays within their 'frequency spectrum' of control i.e. their AI assisted, 'mind control' programs, etc, so their 'hologrphic charade' will continue, and keep Humanity imprisoned. They were hoping we wouldn't wake-up to these facts, during the present 'ascension cycle' . . . However, they (the Controllers & their minions), have the opportunity  *** NOW *** to change their ways . . . But I wouldn't leave it too long . . . Good Luck, my friends . . . I wish you well . . . And remeber:

Thank You Dr. Julie Ponesse, for your 'critical thinking' & for following your purpose in this life; & for your 'Love of Humanity' (& to BitChute & GodsGrave, for sharing) . . . An excerpt: Dr. Julie Ponesse, a professor of Ethics at the University of Western Ontario is threatened with dismissal for refusing injection. University of Western Ontario:

COVID-19: Western University update... Thank You (& Kelly Wang, 980 CFPL) for sharing ...  An excerpt: In a statement, Huron University College told 980 CFPL that as part of the school’s vaccination policy, “all community members were required to submit proof of vaccination or an exemption before the policy came into effect on Sept. 7, 2021… Those who do not submit this proof will not be allowed on campus.” “At this time, no one at Huron has been dismissed as a result of this policy,” the statement continued. Western says those who have not yet submitted vaccination status are not permitted to be on campus and are required to provide their information as soon as possible. For those with exemptions or who are not yet fully vaccinated, Western says its vaccination and testing centre is open for students, staff and faculty.

Preparing for the medical apartheid ... - Thank You, TheUrbanFarmer (Curtis Stone) for your work, & 'Love of Humanity' (& to BitChute, for sharing) . . .

DUPED ... This is not what our forefathers thought they were fighting for.  Thank You Dan Dicks (PressForTruth) for your work, & 'Love of Humanity' (& to BitChute, for sharing) . . . An excerpt: On Friday September 10th 2021 Dan Dicks called the Pacific Gateway Hotel in Richmond to ask if it was now a current quarantine facility to which the reply was “no comment”…after visiting the hotel and speaking with the manager Dan was also given no answer and was asked to wait for the right person to come…not long later the police arrived and Dan and his wife were subsequently detained and fined $1000 each for “breaching a quarantine facility” In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth lays out the truth of what happened in chronological order because of course he was filming the whole time which proved to be a good thing as the hotel lied and the police set him up to be ticketed. If you would like to contribute to Dan’s legal fight please consider donating today!

Arm yourself with knowledge; because knowledge (truth) is power . . . and, Thank You My friend, for sharing  . .  Mass Graves... Thank You, Kevin for your work/books, & 'Love of Humanity' (& to YouTube, for sharing) . . . An excerpt:  Kevin Annett, who spearheaded the quarter-century battle to expose and prosecute the mass murder of indigenous children by Canadian Church and State, describes the link between past genocide and present tyranny. He recounts his involvement in the historic excavation of the first mass grave of Indian residential school children ever unearthed in Canada, at Brantford in 2011. The first in a series of educational videos on how and why to combat the criminal syndicate called Corporate Crown Canada. Posted September 11, 2021. See and .

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