Friday, September 3, 2021

How does DNA create our Reality?(DNA-1)

I encourage all, to use your intentions wisely. They are 'powerful' Gifts.
Thank You fellow Voyagers, for your work & 'Love of Humanity' & to YouTube, for sharing . . . An excerpt : 
We wanted you to know this secret about the true nature of human DNA, and how the DNA is the literal vessel through which the illusionary experience of physical, external reality is manufactured. Knowing this you may then realize that when you are shifting your consciousness and using the imagination to program desired thought-forms into the past, present or future, you are literally reprogramming the frequency patterns of your cellular content and the operational holographic program that will manifest into physical reality through the DNA. The holographic, thought-form program through which your external reality will manifest is literally stored, as a multidimensional electromagnetic program, within the sub-atomic particle structure of your cells, much as a computer stores data within its memory. The DNA serves as the literal conduit through which that holographic program will project data from cellular memory into physical manifestation, much as a computer’s circuitry allows the electronic data stored in memory to be projected onto the screen, into forms recognizable to human perception. Your external reality fields is the screen upon which the thought-forms that are stored within your cellular memory program will be displayed, and the DNA operates as the electromagnetic circuitry through which that memory comes into perceptual manifestation. To gain creative control over your manifest events, you must edit the cellular memory files (clear and transmute the lower pulsating particles from the body and auric field), upgrade the holographic thought-form program(create new visualizations of desired past, present and future events, living them in imagination “as if they are happening now” within the desired time period) and expand the DNA circuitry (consciously use the chakra system to accelerate DNA strand assembly) in order to allow new, desired reality pictures to project into your world of manifest events. In the practice of conscious evolution, cellular clearing and DNA transmutation, this is precisely what is taking place. When you create “future memory” visualizations, you are putting specific manifestation instructions into the morphogenetic field of the DNA strands you have not yet assembled. You will encounter those reality pictures in manifest form once those DNA strands come into activation, through the initiation of your consciousness into the frequencies of the next dimension up. When you recreate “past memories” from your present focus, you are literally putting new reality pictures, in the form of electromagnetic impulses, into the DNA strands you have already built and activated. You can literally shift things in your DNA; add new past memories and new events will manifest in your present. Create future memories now, and you can direct the path of your evolution from your present moment in time.
When you release crystallized thought-forms composed of slower-pulsating particles from your present cellular structure, you are stopping those lower thought-form patterns from activating into your DNA, through which they would otherwise project into physical manifestation. Your moment of power is always in the present, when you realize that your present focus of attention can alter and direct events in both past and future, and within the present. It takes practice to develop skill in conscious manifestation and you must become familiar with the “feel” of your own inner focus of consciousness in the present, in order to direct your power of manifestation. Prior to learning manifestation skills, you must learn de-manifestation skills. Learning how to remove undesirable morphogenetic thought-form patterns from your active holographic program, which is stored within the cells and made operational through the DNA, is the first step in gaining mastery over the contents of your external reality field. By removing slower-pulsating particles from your body systems, you make room for the addition of new morphogenetic thought-form patterns composed of faster pulsating particles, which contain the electromagnetic imprint for more harmoniously ordered events.

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