Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Four (4) Wheels Move The Body" - "Two (2) Wheels Move The Soul"!

Tomorrow, son Bill, cousin Ron, Rick, Paul and me, will ride to Port Dover, Ontario, Canada for the "Friday the 13th" festivities. Organizer's there, are expecting it to be, one of the largest motorcycle gatherings, EVER! I missed, the April, "Friday 13th", 2012 event - as mentioned in an earlier blog, due to work. Also, I haven't been in several years. If you're a motorcycle enthusiast - you have to make the pilgrimage to Port Dover, at least once! There's a "lot of leather". No-one protests! I guess, it's much easier, to pick on "rich old ladies" wearing furs; than "bikers"! Did I mention, no "four wheelers" are allowed, in town, for the day? Police barricade, the perimeter of Port Dover; parking lots are set up; and people not riding - are bussed in. A true "motorcycle oasis". Check it out, here.

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