Monday, July 2, 2012

Crazy Horse - Then Sturgis

Today was a great day! I left Gillette, Wyoming around 9 am. After about an hour (and passing by some wild fires), I arrived at Custer, SD. I ran into a couple of bikers; Rob & Gene. We shared some stories and parted. My first, significant stop was the Crazy Horse Memorial. It was a great experience! I visited the Crazy Horse Pavilion - and saw awesome artifacts. I met Wambli Wakan (Holy Eagle), an Oglala Sioux (Lakota); who explained the concept and reason for the Crazy Horse Memorial. It provides "Great Pride & Inspiration" to an entire Indian Nation - not just the "Lakota". More than that; it is an inspiration - to all people(s). Crazy Horse was a great "War Chief" - he lead by example. He was very courageous. He did not send his warriors into battle - he led; he was front and centre, leading them - irregardless of the odds. "Crazy Horse, I 'salute' you." He was also fair, to those, who deserved it! A very "proud" individual! Every year, the Crazy Horse Foundation, gives millions of dollars to charity and towards College Scholarships, for those financially challenged - throughout the entire USA. The "Crazy Horse Memorial" will take "generations" to complete - and is privately funded. No Government money! The scope, of the project is simply unbelievable - for example; the entire four (4) sculptures of Mt. Rushmore, fit onto (1) one cheek of Crazy Horse. The "face" of Crazy Horse is "8" stories high - to give you some perspective.
While waiting, for the bus tour (very worthwhile), to the "memorial" site, I met another biker - Robert, from Mobile, Alabama. He was traveling "solo" as well. We also ran into Rob & Gene. The four (4) of us headed to "Mt. Rushmore". It was less awesome for me! Then, we headed for Sturgis - I was told, my headlight was out, so I picked up a light at the Harley Dealer. We checked out Sturgis & got motel rooms - shared accommodation again! Many pictures - Gene, Rob & Robert leaving Crazy Horse; Gene, me, Rob & Robert at Mt. Rushmore; Wambli Wakan & me; artifacts; Crazy Horse & me (from 1 mile away), 1 Eye's Saloon and wild fires in eastern Wyoming.
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