Monday, July 2, 2012

Crazy Horse - Then Sturgis

Today was a great day! I left Gillette, Wyoming around 9 am. After about an hour (and passing by some wild fires), I arrived at Custer, SD. I ran into a couple of bikers; Rob & Gene. We shared some stories and parted. My first, significant stop was the Crazy Horse Memorial. It was a great experience! I visited the Crazy Horse Pavilion - and saw awesome artifacts. I met Wambli Wakan (Holy Eagle), an Oglala Sioux (Lakota); who explained the concept and reason for the Crazy Horse Memorial. It provides "Great Pride & Inspiration" to an entire Indian Nation - not just the "Lakota". More than that; it is an inspiration - to ALL people(s). Crazy Horse was a great "War Chief" - he lead by example. He was very courageous. He did not send his warriors into battle - he led; he was front and centre, leading them - irregardless of the odds. "Crazy Horse, I 'salute' you." He was also fair, to those, who deserved it!....A very "proud" individual, who exuded Native American Wisdom.... Every year, the Crazy Horse Foundation, gives millions of dollars to charity and towards College Scholarships, for those financially challenged - throughout the entire USA. The "Crazy Horse Memorial" will take "generations" to complete - and is privately funded. No Government money! The scope, of the project is simply unbelievable - for example; the entire four (4) sculptures of Mt. Rushmore, fit onto (1) one cheek of Crazy Horse. The "face" of Crazy Horse is "8" stories high - to give you some perspective.
While waiting, for the bus tour (very worthwhile), to the "memorial" site, I met another biker - Robert, from Mobile, Alabama. He was traveling "solo" as well. We also ran into Rob & Gene. The four (4) of us headed to "Mt. Rushmore". It was less awesome for me! Then, we headed for Sturgis - I was told, my headlight was out, so I picked up a light at the Harley Dealer. We checked out Sturgis & got motel rooms - shared accommodation again! Many pictures - Gene, Rob & Robert leaving Crazy Horse; Gene, me, Rob & Robert at Mt. Rushmore; Wambli Wakan & me; artifacts; Crazy Horse & me (from 1 mile away), 1 Eye's Saloon and wild fires in eastern Wyoming.
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