Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ferry Reservations At Milwaukee,WI.

Today was another 100*F day! It seems, that's all I say, these past several days - hot, hot, hot! Today, I did my "sweaty laundry" at the motel; & left at 10 am. I rode 400 miles - to Milwaukee, WI. The traffic was heavy.
Because of this & the heat, I decided to investigate Ferry costs - across Lake Michigan.
"What a Deal" - At 12:30 pm, tomorrow, I will board the "Lake Express" ferry - from Milwaukee, WI. to Muskegon, MI.. It is a "very fast" ferry - and crosses Lake Michigan in just 2 1/2 hrs. It is quite reasonable for motorcycles ($82.50/person + $40/motorcycle + port fees/taxes = $137.50 - not bad! The good thing about it is, I won't have to deal with Chicago traffic, construction, tolls & detours. In this heat, I'll just stand on the bow of the ferry and enjoy the breeze. I will also save riding 200 miles. My butt will appreciate that! No pictures today.

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