Saturday, July 14, 2012

Port Dover - Record Crowd; Great Time & Very Hot!!

What a "great" day it was in Port Dover, yesterday, for the "Friday the 13th Motorcycle Pilgrimage"! It was extremely  hot, though; 32*C; (41* C - with humid-ex added in). By 4pm, it was announced (on the CTV evening News), that 140,000 motorcyclists had attended; with numbers still climbing - a "North American" record!  Even, more motorcycles, than at Daytona, Florida's "Bike Week" - on any given day. There were bikers from everywhere; parked everywhere - every make & model; all getting along well! There was a large  Police presence, which kept things quite orderly; in spite of the heat - well done!. We got there at 9:30 am and left at 2:30 pm - enough for us! On the ride back, away from the crowds, we stopped for lunch at Port Rowan - great fish & chips. Some pictures include Ron, Rick, Paul, me & Bill; Ron & Paul getting us refreshments; the crowd and Port Rowan & restaurant.

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