Friday, July 6, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Last night, at 10:02 pm, I arrived home - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Donna, was there to greet me - with smiles, hugs & kisses! I could tell, she missed me, a lot! I missed her, too! It sure was great to be home! I completed my journey, in 40 days (just under six (6) weeks). I knew, I could have spent, another week or so in Alaska, but after "the Dalton", I was very tired. I also knew, I had a large chunk of riding, yet to do - to accomplish my itinerary. Anyways, no regrets. A good thing, though, is since I have lots left to see - in Alaska - I have reason to go back! Maybe, if/when I retire, someday.......!
Yesterday, didn't start till around 10:00 am, since, I didn't have to be at the Milwaukee, "Lake Express" ferry dock till 11:45. There were lots of motorcycles there; and rider stories to hear. The ferry ride was "very fast" (aprox 40 mph) and very enjoyable. With the time change - it arrived at Muskegon, MI., at 4:00 pm. By 4:30, I was riding - "just" 280 miles to go. It was funny, Bessy (the 3rd), seemed to know this - like a horse, going back to the barn, after a long ride; "she" was hard, to hold back! Luckily, there were no State Troopers, lurking! Today, I am enjoying a day relaxing. I will wash Bessy and see my father, Jack. Some pictures of ferry ride and Bessy in garage.


  1. Dave, congrats on accomplishing your task..!!

    I very much enjoyed following you along on your trip west, north & back east to home.

    Great work on your blog - excellent commentary & enjoyable pics.

    Regards, Simon

  2. Welcome home, Dave!

    Congratulations! Please feel free to be very, very proud of yourself, and your grand on-road accomplishment!


  3. Welcome home Dave
    very much enjoyed your Wunderlust 2012 a trip of a life time,,
    happy that your home safe,,
    liz :)