Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday - Donna/ Homeward Bound

"Happy Birthday" to wife Donna! The heat must be getting to me. I called & wished Donna birthday wishes & said we'd celebrate it, when I got home - but neglected, to put it in my blog, at days end. A large over site! Better late than never.
Today, I left Sturgis, SD. at 8:30 am after breakfast - and saying goodbye to Biker friends; Robert, Rob & Gene. It was another very hot day (100•F)! I rode 450 miles and ended the day at Jackson, MN. The scenery was very similar to home - flat to rolling agriculture land, with the usual crops i.e. corn, wheat, hay, etc. No more mountains or badlands. Tomorrow, I will get near Chicago. It's going to be another scorcher, too! No photos today.

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  1. Safe travels back! We all looking forward to seeing you and hearing more stories!