Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Good Health & ABUNDANCE for ALL - that is my wish for YOU!

I remember, when I was young at Sunday school; hearing the story of Jesus "feeding the multitudes" with only "a few fish & loaves of bread". I thought; how could this be? That doesn't make any sense at all, logically. As I've gotten older, and my thought process moved from the bicameral mind, into the conscious mind; I realized - ALL is possible. I have realized this through my "consciousness connection" with the Creator. I call it having "unity with the Creator". Everyone has this capability - if they choose to. God gives us the "free will" to do this. So......., if I have a concern or problem to solve; I just relax (by deep breathing) & "with intent", ask for the "wisdom of the universe" for help; (which to me is "our Creator (God) & his staff of helpers (including Christ)". I then continue relaxing & forget about the problem. This, for me, is usually done at night; at bedtime - which is when most concerns & problems, come to mind. After passing the "job", of solving my problem onto the "Creator" (is done), I sleep wonderfully; with no worries. In the morning or within the next day or so - the answer comes to me, effortlessly - and is always right (for me).
However....., there is a "catch" to this! Since, I (& now you) have given our problem(s) to the "Creator", to provide answers; I (& you) have to do the "Creator's" work. That is only fair, since God (he/she) is doing ours! And also, don't forget, I (& you) have "unity with the Creator" - so that is why we have to do the "Creator's" work. So, now you ask: "What is "God's" work, that we have to perform"? Well really, it is quite natural for us; since we are "God's" creation. We have just forgotten - or maybe thought he had forsake us - and so, thought maybe, we had better just look out, for ourselves! However, that plan - of looking out for "ourselves" doesn't seem to be working, too well. All, that is required for us to do our "Creator's" (God's) work - is to be honest, truthful & non-judgmental; to be present in each moment & be helpful to God's creations; and most importantly, be 'loving & give thanks' for your abundance. At this particular moment, you might think your abundance isn't much - but it is always enough (and will improve) & best of all; you will feel at "PEACE" and "ONE" with the universe. Good Luck!

"Where there is lack,
God's abundance is on the way.
Hold on. Have Faith.
- Marianne Williamson -

**** DISCLAIMER**** - This blog post represents the personal views of the "Blog publisher", not a recognized expert in "Theology", "Spirituality" or "Health Care". You are encouraged to find your own "truths" on these subjects. Enjoy.

David Byers

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