Thursday, December 19, 2013

Health Care & Your Immune System

As you know, from my earlier posts, "Health Care" is one of my more interesting topics - "Self-Healing" in particular. Why would this be, you say? Probably, because I hate to see financially destitute families & unnecessary suffering. Many "great souls" have left "Mother Earth" too soon. I feel the "Medical Research/Pharmaceutical Industry, Bureaucracies & Government(s) have let us down. That being, to provide us (the people) with the access to the "best value" Health Care, we can get - without having to be wealthy. That being said, I do feel that the "Health Care professionals" should be paid well. They deserve it. I do find it ironic though; that we can put someone on the moon - but can't cure the various diseases of the day i.e. cancer, etc, etc..... What happens, with all this research money? On a personal note, I have been experiencing, some of these illness symptoms - that are going around. Even though, I have been getting the normal "dogma" of medical care - nothing seems to satisfy my inquisitive appetite for knowledge. I also heard on the "news" recently, that "multi-vitamins/supplements" were no longer helpful for "immune system" recovery. The "Centrum brand" has been a popular choice, recommended by the Medical deities. A local "Naturopath store" I visited, also said that any "new" products were impossible to get, here in Canada - due to the unrealistic "government approval" guidelines. Where did my "freedom of choice" go - for MY own health? Check out this! After further research, I found some helpful information relating to my symptoms, with possible cures. Check out "Hulda Clark's Protocol" & Dr. Tent's "The Exploding Auto-immune Epidemic" here.

*****Disclaimer - "This blog post represents only the personal views of the blog publisher; not that of a "Health Care Professional". It is up to you to make your own "truths" from this material."
- David Byers -

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