Friday, October 11, 2019

Final Boarding Call

Thank You, Katherine Horton for your courage & work;... discerning this (our) reality, on 'Beloved Mother Earth' . . . Thank You
Who By Fire - Thank You, Leonard Cohen . .

In my 'humble opinion',... it is important for Humanity to 'wake-up' & discover the 'truths' of this (our 3D) reality, by being y(our) 'authentic, sovereign, multidimensional self(s)',... discerning,.. integrating thoughts & connecting with y(our) higher self(s); to allow you to feel (connect) with what 'resonates' with you (your heart/intuition).
Separation Of Worlds  (leaving this reality). . . .  Thank You, Energetic Synthesis . . . .

We have been 'duped' without our consent (free-will), and;..."It is impossible to 'change' this 3D reality, with/within the 'control systems', that created it.".... , but,.. But WE (Humanity), as 'creator beings', can create a 'new reality', by raising our vibration (up & out of this low-vibrating shit-hole). Remember, this is why you & I incarnated here. We have a job to do.  Good Luck

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