Friday, October 18, 2019

Swamp Creatures of the Pacific

In my humble opinion, these 'low-vibrating' Swamp Creatures, along with the other 3D control system 'hierarchies' (on 'Beloved Mother Earth),.. require emotional/fear based (low-vibrating) Human energy to sustain them (to enable their control & survival). Our (human) Energy is Required for these Non-Human Entities to feed off & to exist..... Once we 'wake-up' to this manipulation (truth), that's been happening without our consent,... we can put our 'energy' to better use, for the benefit of all.... However, our (1st) first step is:.. we have to do our own research, discern & wake-up to this manipulation and find our own truth(s).... Y(our) truth is what 'resonates' with y(our) 'heart/intuition'. Good Luck!
Separation of Worlds - Thank You, Energetic Synthesis . ...
Closing Time - Thank You, Leonard Cohen

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