Friday, October 4, 2019

Prepare Now - It is Happening, Look Past the Show w/ Harley Schlanger

Above video removed, but  ****  Watch It  HERE  ****  Great Teamwork - Thank You.. .Sarah & Harley & to BitChute (Free Your Mind), for sharing . . . An excerpt: Harley Schlanger rejoins the program to discuss the globalist and central banker actions that are now taking place since their annual meeting last month. The Federal Reserve has been pumping $75 billion dollars a day into the economy since September 15th and will continue to do this until October 10th or later. We discuss what these actions really mean and connect the dots on these actions to the real economy, the impeachment of President Donald Trump, the Green New Deal, and other crazy developments we are witnessing every day. He also reiterates the point that we have to have courage and believe that we can turn this around. As a group, we have the power. This is an important interview, please share this with as many people as you can.

Media Manipulation of Consent - Thank You, Energetic Synthesis
I encourage All, be your 'authentic, sovereign, multidimensional self(s)'; discern, do your own research, integrate information &... don't forget 'the Elephant in the room'. . . . Good Luck . . .

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