Friday, October 18, 2019


Getting the truth out, one (1) deleted (censored) video at a time ... And,  So  It  Is!

Thank You, Kerry & John - Great Teamwork . . . Above video taken down, by the 'powers not-to-be' ...  But,   ****  WATCH  IT  HERE  **** . . . Thank You to K..C.. & J..K.. & to (Project Camelot), for sharing . . . An excerpt: "The Daily Mail has featured an article on the local council refusing to have 5G installed in Totnes, Devon, UK."--John Kitson, 5G Awareness
..."Although the decision has no force in planning law, campaign leader John Kitson claims the action by Totnes town council is a warning to ministers that they cannot bring in 5G without further research into its effects on health."--Daily Mail article:

Connecting The Dots ...  Separation of Worlds - Thank You, Energetic Synthesis ...
And,  Everybody Knows - Thank You, Leonard Cohen

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