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Viewing Life's Hologram, Removing Alien Body Frequencies w/ Roman Hafner...

Part 2 - Viewing Life's Hologram, Removing Alien Body Frequencies - Thank You, Sarah, Roman, Philipp & Cru . .. 
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Roman Christian Hafner, Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, and Cru von Holtzendorff-Fehling join the program to discuss how everything we touch, see, and smell are all frequencies. They explain how the entire universe is a hologram and that we could all see the world like this if we only knew how. Roman and Cru were born with the ability to see the world in this way. Specifically Roman had to learn as a child how to see the world like "normal" because he naturally could see the world as energy and frequency. This is a fascinating interview that looks at the world around us from a completely different paradigm. You can see more of their work and learn about their ongoing classes @

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Electronic harassment - Thank You, Ascension Glossary ... Some excerpts: 

Mind Control via EMF

Mind Control technologies are weapons which use electronic microchip implants, nanotechnologies, microwaves and/or electromagnetic waves to subvert an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system. The development of these methods and technologies has a long history. [2]

Targeted Individuals TI's

These covert weapons are said to be used secretly and silently to harass loyal Americans, strangle their businesses and gain control of their assets. Targeted Individuals (or TIs as they call themselves) warn that so long as these weapons technologies remain classified, responsible government and law enforcement agencies cannot protect them and other Americans, families and businesses from these threats.

Separation of Worlds - Thank You, Energetic Synthesis ... An excerpt: Descending Realities are AI Generated

The NAA and Power Elite do not want the human population to evolve into the higher frequencies and access the organic future timelines available now. To counter act the ascending planetary shift and cloak the bifurcation event, they have aggressively pushed out every chaotic distraction, along with the Transhumanist agenda, to maintain an iron grip over the human population. The Transhumanist agenda is evident in every form of biological and consciousness hacking through technological, synthetic and digitized methods to try and take over the consciousness energy that exists in organic matter. To maintain control over matter, they have introduced an ever more aggressive military strategy that is enforced through both alien and human created artificial intelligence technology. This combined strategy is to generate the range of artificial frequencies and brain mapping technology that replicate the entire earth realm in virtual realities, through which they hope to have ultimate control. This is so the majority of people on earth cannot tell the difference between AI generated artificial frequencies and the planet’s organic frequencies (dead light versus living light), while they are existing within the artificial holographic reality.

These are the descending timelines on planet that run lower frequencies of artificial, phantom and false realities that are generated by alien technologies using false holograms of dead light. Smashing protons and electrons into frequency fences or metal plates is one way to generate false light fields and inorganic black holes. As many of us know, the artificial intelligence and artificial frequencies have radically increased in some environments and these may have extreme physical sensations for an ascending human. These artificial frequencies are the recipe for creating human zombies or cyborgs, or a person who is extinguished of all inner light.

A location such as a city that is a descending hub area will have these common low frequency symptoms: riddled with crime and negativity, perpetuating harmful or destructive actions towards self and others, the land will feel dead or barren, will become increasingly less stable politically and economically, and this will be socially reflected through the communities. We have come to understand more deeply that many of these frequencies being intentionally generated towards the public are artificially generated.

For a person who is wearing their 12D Shield, the frequency of alien machinery and negativity will feel appallingly amplified and energetic discernment will be made very clear. For a person who is disconnected and internally miserable, they will be unable to discern the energetic terrain. Most likely they will resonate with that low energy location based on their own unresolved emotional conflicts, suffering and cultural preferences.

A human that chooses to connect to the Eternal God Spirit is aligned to the mechanics of living light consciousness, which interconnect to the mechanics of time and space made in Universal Law. The Laws will always protect that human while in any dimension or timeline, when making that conscious choice. This choice comes from deep within the heart of a loving, compassionate and empathic person, and not the mind.

'The Truth Goes Marching On' . . . 

Moon Children - Thank You, Energetic Synthesis . . .

It's a hot summer night, & ... You Took The Words ... 'Right Out' of my mouth - Thank You M..L.. for your music & 'Love of  Humanity' ... & to YouTube (Meat Loaf), for sharing ... Lyrics:
It was a hot summer night and the beach was burning. There was fog crawling over the sand. When I listen to your heart I hear the whole world turning. I see the shooting stars falling through your trembling hands. And then you took the words right out of my mouth. Oh it must have been while you were kissing me. You took the words right out of my mouth. And I swear it's true, I was just about to say I love you. And then you took the words right out of my mouth. Oh it must have been while you were kissing me. You took the words right out of my mouth. And I swear it's true, I was just about to say I love you.

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