Thursday, April 8, 2021

Canadian politicians ordered to appear before Grand Jury; Kevin Annett i...

Thank You Kevin Annett, for your work & 'Love Of Humanity' . . . An excerpt: Kevin Annett, a leader of the sovereign Republic of Kanata, is facing illegal confnement under a fraudulent covid isolation order. In this broadcast he challenges this action and reads a statement by international agencies in his support... Prime Minister Trudeau and others are summoned to appear before a Grand Jury and cease and desist their criminal actions. Issued April 5, 2021.

Where are we now? - Thank You, Dr Tent (& your DHS team) for your work & 'Love Of Humanity' . . . (& to YouTube, for sharing)... An excerpt: This might as well be called Dr. Tent unchained because there are no limits to what he may be discussing. Previously, due to threats of censorship, he had been toning down his rhetoric. But, for this lecture, he indicated there will be no holding anything back! During this lecture, he'll be talking about what brought us to this point, where we're currently at, and give a glimpse into the future.

Covid-19(84) Update: Church SHUT DOWN, Ontario And BC Lockdown... - Thank You Dan Dicks (& your PressForTruth team) for your work, & 'Love Of Humanity' . . .  -  & to BitChute, for sharing ... An excerpt: It is no longer a conspiracy theory or even a question that the Covid-19(84) “vaccines” come with risks and potentially serious health complications. The majority of people who have received the shot are also experiencing negative reactions but this is widely ignored by the mainstream media. Meanwhile a church in Alberta has been shut down with a fence around it in what can only be considered an act of spiritual warfare!! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest Covid-19(84) news about lockdowns, church and vaccines!!

Rise of Arther and Albion Lightbody - Thank You, Energetic Synthesis (Lisa Renee) & your team, for your work & 'Love Of Humanity' . . .

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