Monday, April 26, 2021

Counterpoint | Is A Vaccine Rollout Still The Way Out?

Tanya welcomes two doctors to discuss how Canada is faring in the vaccine rollout.
Is A Vaccine Rollout Still The Way Out  - Thank You, The News Forum (Counterpoint) - Tanya Granic Allen (Host),... Dr. Dan Reilly & . . .  Dr. Stephen Malthouse, for your work & 'Love Of Humanity'... (& to YouTube for sharing) . . . 

BOOM! Medical Journals Corrupt to the Core! - Thank You Amazing Polly for your work & 'Love of Humanity' (& to Bitchute for sharing) . . . An excerpt: I discuss the horrifying reality behind "Scientific" Medical Journals using snippets from recent exposé by Off Guardian & a clip from Dr. Tenpenny & Dr. Lee Merritt.

I encourage Humanity to discern information, before giving y(our) consent,... & use your intensions 'wisely'.  They are 'powerful gifts'. We are all 'co-creators' of our reality. . . So, Wake-Up & Manifest Well . . .
Wisdom Hour with Mallika... - Thank You, Mallika & MrAstrotheology (Santos Bonacci) for your work & 'Love Of Humanity' (& to YouTube, for sharing) . . . An excerpt: Mallika is the founder of Annapurna Mazunte. Annapurna is a threefold project: Food Forest, Ayurvedic Indian Restaurant and Gurukul (school). Since a young age she cultivated herself in the spiritual arts associated with India under guidance and tutelage from her family, teachers and mentors. This is the same knowledge she shares with students at her school, Annapurna Gurukul. This episode is a personal account; discussing the hero's journey each one of us must take to dismantle the Dark Order and replace it with the Light Order (Satyuga). This is the very reason for the existence of Annapurna. If you were touched by the message or found the information useful, consider making a donation to help fund Annapurna Gurukul in Mazunte. Your donation helps keep false Gurus at bay and share the truth:

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