Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Canadian politicians ordered to appear before Grand Jury; Kevin Annett i...

Thank You, Kevin Annett for your work & 'Love Of Humanity' (& to YouTube for sharing) . . . An excerpt: Kevin Annett, a leader of the sovereign Republic of Kanata, is facing illegal confnement under a fraudulent covid isolation order. In this broadcast he challenges this action and reads a statement by international agencies in his support. Prime Minister Trudeau and others are summoned to appear before a Grand Jury and cease and desist their criminal actions. Issued April 5, 20201.

A Global Appeal to Defend Kevin Annett - Thank You Owen Lucas, for your work & 'Love Of Humanity' (& to YouTube for sharing) . . . An excerpt: Write a protest letter in defense of Kevin to Prime Minister Trudeau (, Governor-General Richard Wagner ( and Public Safety Minister Bill Blair ( . Send copies to the media and your networks. Here is a sample of what you can write:
“Dear [name], Your government is conducting a campaign of criminal harassment and political persecution against one of your most effective critics, Reverend Kevin Annett, who uses the legal name Ciaran Buchanan. He has been issued a fraudulent COVID Isolation Order and threatened with arrest without cause or justification. We demand that your government and its COVID agencies immediately cease and desist from any further attacks on Kevin/Ciaran. You will be held personally and legally liable for any harm that befalls him. We are raising this matter with the world community, political leaders, lawyers, and the media. Sincerely, [Your name and date]”

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