Monday, April 5, 2021

Small Businesses Are Essential Live with Press For Truth!!

Their purpose: To  Divide & Conquer  the populace, through the 'control systems' . . . We (Humanity) have been duped . . . Maybe it's a 'good time', to wake-up . . .
Thank You, Dan Dicks (PressForTruth) & your team, for your work & 'Love Of Humanity' ... Sometimes The Truth Hurts . . . (& thank you, BitChute for sharing) . . .  An excerpt: Operation Save The Press (For Truth)! ➜

You want the truth?…you can’t handle the truth!! When Alex Lasarev took his comedy/truth telling routine to the streets of Vancouver there was one cyclist who couldn’t handle it…the man became irate, aggressive and violent as he used his bike as a weapon smashing out the van window that Alex was sitting beside. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Alex The Comic about this assault, what’s the psychology behind it and how something like this can even happen in the first place!

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W.H.O.   Do You Believe?
One (1) million COVID-19 cases... - Thank You, CBC News: The National ... An excerpt: As Canada reaches one million COVID-19 cases, doctors are speaking out about what’s happening and what could be done. Why an outbreak on the Vancouver Canucks is sparking concern about variants in that city. Plus, William Shatner on his 70-year career and turning 90. ... The National is CBC's flagship nightly news program, featuring the day's top stories with in-depth and original journalism, with hosts Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang in Toronto, Ian Hanomansing in Vancouver and the CBC's chief political correspondent, Rosemary Barton in Ottawa.

The 'bigger picture' . . .  Thank You to all ... 1 Eye's Blog . . . 

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