Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Crazy Biker - Milen

Yesterday, was a great day in the saddle. I didn't get a chance last night to do my blog, so I'm doing it now (6:00 am).
After about an hour out of 100 Mile, this burly guy on a "1998 Heritage Soft Tail Springer" - loaded to the nines, came along side me; and waved for me to follow along. I was looking for fuel and a gas station appeared, right away. We were separated without having a chance to talk. Ironically, we crossed paths again at Lake Charles, (fueling). What a coincidence - we are both going to Alaska. The difference is Milen lives & works there. He lives in Fairbanks - works in Prudhoe Bay in the oil fields. Milen is on a break between contracts with ALAYSKA Pipeline. Last Tuesday, he had just flown to Oregon to get his motorcycle and ride it back to Fairbanks. His friends said "are you crazy". I said "I don't think so". Today we will attack the Cassiar Hwy.