Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Windy Day - In Alberta

I left Edmonton, at 9 am, heading for Lewiston, Idaho. It was very windy - the wind, coming from the west; me going south. I was riding on an angle - leaning into the wind. When I passed big vehicles or bridges; the motorcycle would dart 3 - 4 feet to the right. Some of the larger gusts, would cause this effect, also. The extra concentration & strength required, made me fatigued - sooner than usual. I only did 320 miles; & ended the day at Pincher Creek, AB.. While doing a "circle check", I noticed, my rear tire is just about worn out - I will have to get it replaced, when I get the oil changed, in Idaho. Tomorrow, I should get to Lewiston. No pictures today.

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  1. Dave -

    I know: weather...and wind...are everything, on a bike. I know only the bicycle kind, 2-wheeled, and tandem touring machines - but the same is true, in all cases: weather and wind make all the difference.

    Keep the wind behind you!