Saturday, June 30, 2012

Riding to Butte - Very Hot!

I left Lewiston, ID. at 8:00 am. On the way, out of town, I took a photo of the Snake River. The summer, I played baseball in Lewiston, several of us ball players, rented rafts from an Army/Navy Surplus Store - and rafted from the Snake River Canyon (up in mountains) approximately 15 miles - down to the Lewiston/Clarkston beaches. That was great fun - many rapids! Unfortunately, we all got sun burnt - and the Team Manager, fined us $50.00 each - when we arrived at the ballpark, that night. Oh Well!
The ride to Montana was beautiful - many motorcycles, were out enjoying the day. It was very hot - many stops, for water. The uneventful day, ended at Butte, Montana - 350 miles ridden. Tomorrow, I will have bigger day and get near Sturgis, SD.