Monday, June 4, 2012

San Francisco & North Via Hwy #1

When I awoke this morning, the rain was coming down. After a danish & a coffee, courtesy of the motel, I headed north. I found out that the San Andreas Fault can only be seen from space. I didn't feel bad not being able to see it after passing by it on I-280 - twice. I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge - pouring rain & foggy; however I stopped anyway and took some pictures. I got one, of the two other tourists to take a photo of me. From there I took Hwy #1 north along the coast. Yes, it rained most of the day. I am having supper at McDonalds again (WiFi) at Fort Bragg and updating my blog. My day isn't done yet - hope to get near Eureka, CA. I had to tighten a few loose bolts on the fairing - the cold weather (60•F) after Death Valley, 115•F. Quite a contrast. I guess it's getting me ready for Alaska!


  1. Hi Dave,
    by your welcomed comments and pics, it appears that you're very much enjoying your trip

    Welcome to the West Coast..!

    Question: are you planning to visit Victoria, BC on your way north?


  2. Hi Dave
    am following you along on your trip,,
    awesome pictures,,
    specially of the San Fran bridge,,
    glad you are doing great,,
    stay safe
    liz :)