Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oregon & Washington

First, a little history on Coos Bay, Oregon. Back in 1971 (41 years ago), when I played baseball for Lewiston Broncs - of the Northwest League - Coos Bay had a team, affiliated with the Oakland A's. I remember Coos Bay being the worst place to play baseball. First of all, it was a 12+ hour bus ride from Lewiston, Idaho and being on the Pacific coast, it was always cold & the fog would roll in around the 6th inning; making it difficult to see the ball. To make things worse, the ball park was located near a pulp and paper mill - resulting in a putrid/dead pigs kind of smell. Anyways, why I brought this up was, I asked several of the locals if they still had/or remember having a pro baseball team. No-one remembered. The ball park, which was near the Best Western Motel, where we (players) stayed is no-longer - but the Best Western remains and looks basically the same. I was thinking maybe Coos Bay was only in the league, that year ('71) I was out there, but after "googling Northwest League", I discovered Coos Bay had teams from '70 - '72. It seemed kind of sad, it is all but forgotten - but such is life! Today, other than reminiscing about baseball days, long ago, I made it thru Oregon to Tacoma, Washington. Quite an uneventful day but with no rain! Tomorrow morning, I will find a motorcycle shop and get the oil changed/new plugs, etc.. I will be crossing back into Canada, in the afternoon and then it's "North to Alaska". Just a couple of pictures today (along the Oregon coast & where I stopped for lunch & had a "black bean chili dog with fries").


  1. Baseball and bike travel have that in common, it seems: cold, fog and wind change the game, no end! For what it's worth, I know that pulp-and-paper odour. Between Invermere and Cranbrook, B.C., is Skookumchuck. Same smell on the wind.

    These are your memories, and while I understand the sadness you feel, sometimes, on roads travelled back then, I hope that you don't mind if I say, again: Congratulations, Dave! Old roads, different man, new perspective!


  2. Dave
    Just found the link to your blog from Darren Jones at work. You are in my thoughts as you take your journey. Just last week, a friend of ours from St. Thomas had a little guy diagnosed with Leukemia. He is currently being treated at Children's Hospital with good prospects. Thanks for undertaking this amazing once in a lifetime journey.
    Dave McRae