Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Familiar Face - Fireman Chris

This morning, I had a short ride to Edmonton, AB. - to family friend, Chris Davies' home. He is an Edmonton Firefighter; and didn't have to report for duty - till 4 pm. Chris, and my son Bill have been best friends - since High School. Chris's parents, Penny and Larry, are also friends of the family. It sure was nice, to see Chris; we had a good chat. I also made use of his washing machine - as I hadn't done laundry, since Fairbanks, AK. (last Thursday). After lunch, we ran a few errands, in Chris's brand new "fire engine red" Dodge Ram 4X4. I bought a new shirt; to replace a tattered one - and just relaxed. Very enjoyable! Chris's dog, Molly, (a 2 yr old chocolate lab) took quite a shine to me - lab's are like that. Later on, I washed my, very dirty motorcycle and went to Chris's Fire Hall - for a tour and meet the guys. I hadn't been to a Fire Station, since I was six (6) years old. The Fireman were making supper, while Chris gave me the tour. They graciously asked me to join them - for barbecued ribs/potatoes and all the trimmings. Hard to resist such an offer, but I was still full from lunch. I had a coffee. Outside, a thunderstorm was brewing - THEN, the alarm sounded; the Fire Fighters were in action! They immediately got up - and very quickly, headed to their respective trucks - and were gone in no time, with sirens blaring. I was impressed, both, with their professionalism and their sense of duty! Chris, was the driver, of one of the "Pumper Trucks". Fire fighting is a game of milliseconds - lives are at stake! They told me to wait at the Station - till they got back. I grabbed a Reader's Digest and relaxed in a lounge chair - the hot food, left on the table - starting to smell pretty good! I resisted! I was alone, in a Fire Station. It felt kinda weird! In about 25
minutes they returned - sat back down; finished their supper - business as usual, to them! The alarm, turned out to be, an apartment building false alarm - caused by the thunderstorm. You never know! It was great to meet and talk with the Firemen. They asked me questions, about my trip and the associated charities, I'm promoting. Tomorrow, I'm back on the road; heading south, towards Idaho. Thanks Chris, for the hospitality. You are a "great" guy & Fire Fighter! Pictures of Chris, Molly & the guys.

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  1. Dave -

    You just never know, indeed, what might happen, on the road!