Friday, January 21, 2022

Guided Meditation to Return Back to Balance 08/14/2021

Thank You my friend KF Vietnamese, for your work & 'Love of Humanity' (& to YouTube, for sharing) . . .  An excerpt: The guided meditation will show the working of the soul. This session will allow people to experience first hand the power of collective consciousness and how intention can help to shape our 3D reality through the power of manifestation as a Co-Creator. At the same time, the energy transmission in this session can help clear negative energy, can help people let go of what no longer serve them, can help cut energetic cords draining people's energy against their will or knowledge, can remove entity attachments, and can help people return back to balance with the energy of Love, Peace, Balance, and Joy.

We must remember, that 'WE' are all connected here, on this '3D plane' (Beloved Mother Earth), because we are all 'fractals' of Source (energy) . . . It can not be otherwise . . . The 'powers not-to-be' (don't want us to know this), or have simply forgotten, that they also have 'this connection' & so, they need to be 'nudged' (reminded) . . . Sometimes, 'tough Love' is required to 'right-the-ship', so to speak . . . And so, Waking-Up to this, requires 'experiencing the chaos' & asking one's self : 'Why Am I Here?'  Then, by listening/following your 'heart' I.E your intuition/your soul & higher-self(s) ... you can then discern & set your 'intention(s) for change' that is your soul's path/purpose . . . When we do this 'collectively'; we can & will co-create a new reality, that serves 'all' of  Humanity (not just the few) ... I.E. 'The Law Of  One' . . .
Thank  You-to-All  - 1 Eye . . . Great   Telepathy   ... 'Synchronicity' ...  & TEAMWORK . . .  'Warriors of Light',  YOU are needed  . . .   WAKE - UP !  

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