Monday, January 24, 2022

Special Weekly Meditation to Create Group Shield and Dome of Peace 01/22...

We are 'powerful beings' . . . Ask & you will receive . . . Be in charge . . . Manifest wisely & be the change . . .
Thank You KF Vietnamese (Thinh Truong) for your work, & 'Love of Humanity' & to YouTube, for sharing . . . An excerpt: 

Indoctrination - We are at a point in time where people are starting to wake up in mass number. People are no longer accepting the status quo and are looking for answers to many questions. They are looking deeper into subjects for which they have taken for granted like health, food, environment, religion, and government to name a few. People are seeking a healthier way of life. They are seeking to get back into balance with nature. They are looking for alternative ways of doing things. They are looking deeper into how things work and the nature of their existence. They are seeking for a purpose and meaning to life greater than what they were lead to believe for thousands of years. Regardless whether people come to Keshe Foundation for free energy, seeking answers to health issues, or for whatever other reasons; this is one of the first steps their soul have lead them on a path of spiritual awakening. Through the exploration of Keshe Plasma Science, people will discover answers to many hidden questions they seek on a subconscious level and come to realize and see a world beyond their mental understanding. The knowledge will elevate their soul out of a matrix that have enslaved their consciousness. The knowledge will set their soul and physicality free from the control of special interest groups that is not aligned to the best interest of humanity. It is KF Vietnamese’s desire to guide and assist people on this adventure and journey of self-exploration.

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