Thursday, September 15, 2022

There are many secrets (truths) & falsities ... 'real-eyes-ed' in our convoluted, inverted, 'collective reality', on 'Beloved Mother Earth' . . . So, I en-courage all ... to be aware, discern & beware of what you observe (subliminal codes & symbols) & what you (& I) are 'nudged' to believe, via media ex-perts ... on 'tel-lies-vision' programming I.E. the 'control system(s)' main weapon of 'mass deception' & mind-control . . .

'Old Posts' ... 'adding value to your life' . . . Are you 'Waking Up' yet?. . .
I ... Have A Secret . . . Vat... To be removed... (reposted, from June 14, 2019) - Thank 'You to All', 1 Eye's blog . . . 

'Ancient Druids...' (reposted, from September 17, 2015) - Thank  YOU  To  All,  1 Eye 's Blog . . .

"What you need to be afraid of, is not the "unknown";
Because that's where we live, all the time.
What we need to be afraid of, if anything,
is the "known"!
Because the "known", is the rigid patterns, of past conditioning, that imprison us;
in a prison - of ill health & disease."
- unknown -

Crystallizing ... The Totality Within ... 'The Light Warrior Mission' - Thank You my friend T..S.., for your work & 'Love of Humanity' ... & to YouTube (Tory Smith), for sharing . . . An excerpt: Steven and Alexandra gave me such an incredibly wonderful gift-Galactic Essences. I live on a few hundred dollars a month, so I usually don't buy things like this for myself. They did not know I did this Testimony, and I have not received any money for doing it.

"Crystallizing the Totality Within"

"Light Warrior Mission"

"Untouchable" Were the three ones they gave me, and i show and speak of how they helped me. Recently Bush and Cheney tried to kill Alexandra. [They have been trying to kill Steven for years] but Mother and Father God are protecting them. They had 14 cloaked spaceships following Alexandra down the road attacking her with energy weapons, and it was very painful for her. I ask you to support these wonderful Healers in anyway you can. God Bless Your Hearts! Thanks for all the Prayers for me, I love you so much, Tory

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